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Professional Key Cutting and Duplication

Make Syosset Lock Shop your go-to source for key cutting services! As the only locksmith in Syosset, we assist residential and commercial property owners with high-quality key duplication services.

We use a manual cutting process to eliminate the potential for inconsistencies that newer cutting tools can create. Our master key makers inspect each section and groove to ensure the highest quality. Contact us today for a FREE phone estimate or fill out our online form to request the service you need!

Key Cutting Process

Put your trust in our key makers to carefully inspect every dip and groove on the original key and pattern the new one to be exactly the same using a specialized magnifier. Then we cut the key by hand from a rough template with the same presets as the original key. If the key is specialized and we do not have a stock template, we will recreate it from a metal plate. We will carefully inspect the new and original key together to adjust any discrepancies until they are identical. Once the key passes inspection, it will be filed down and sanded for a smooth finish. The entire process takes about one hour.

Key Cutting Applications

There are a wide variety of situations in which our key cutting and duplication services can come in handy for both residential and commercial property and vehicle owners.

Even with the advances in today’s technology, keys seem to be here to stay. They are considered by many to be the most durable option and are always the backup option for all modern security devices. Whether you need an additional key for your house office, or vehicle, rely on Syosset Lock Shop to provide reliable key cutting and duplication services.

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